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Version: 1193019
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Creative Faction Modded PvE PvP Torch

About Server
What you can expect on Upside Down

On Upside Down we welcome everyone!

You will find all the vanilla planets and an infinite world. Start wherever you want to with our custom made respawnships and establish a faction with your fellow engineers. Grow in strength and mine Thorium to get high tier weapons and components: enter the high leagues of our active PvP community. Anything can happen at the Thorium asteroid. We will meet you there engineer!

We have a Discord Server where you can meet other players but also participate to the development of the server.
We have a Dedicated Server with an overclocked i7 7700K @5.0Ghz and 64GB RAM. We are the only ones using this server, something you will have trouble finding on other servers. Join and see for yourself!
We use Torch Concealment to get the best performance possible. Our supplier is OVH, one of the best companies for this service. We also constantly monitor all players and grids to see who uses the most performance and we will help you improve on this, a concept that has worked very well.

Short resume of the server

We have developed and modified several mods to give you a better game experience as well as well-balanced PvP. You will find blocks with better outputs, new rare minerals to fight for, new balanced weapons, higher speed and so much more! We also run mods to make your life easier such as Easy Inventory, Build Info and Automatic Ore Pickup.
You are free to do both PvE and PvP, the world is unlimited so you can always hide. If you want PvP, go to the thorium asteroid and meet our active PvP community. Expect everything in the heat of combat.
We have an active community on discord with a professional team of Moderators and QA to help you out.

Basic settings of the server

Inventory - x20
Reffinery Speed - x2
Assembler Speed - x2
Grinder/Welder Speed - x2
Large Grid Speed - 180m/s
Small Grid Speed - 200m/s
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